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  • Electronically actuated individual VAV room control

  • VAV heating and cooling

  • Variable discharge area

  • Reduces installation costs

  • Saves energy on existing & new systems"


  • Solid state electronic-self-contained with or without remote set point adjustment

  • Reliable thermal element motor

  • DDC controls with energy management system capability

Installation is quick and easy. Each master EFL has a six foot long 3/8" flexible conduit with 1/2 " box connector. Power consumption is 40 watts. It can be connected to a dedicated power source or to the room lighting.




  • Multiple discharge patterns

  • Suitable for master/slave configurations

  • Fits modular ceiling systems (Spline, Plaster, fineline grids)

  • Simple to relocate with occupancy changes

  • Suitable for low temperature distribution systems


  • Clean and simple lines

  • Flush surface panel available with matching ceiling tile


  • Simple to install, simple to service

  • Self-contained control system

  • Energy efficient, minimum static pressure required


The Electra-Flow linear diffuser is a VAV ceiling diffuser designed for a grid ceiling system. It functions as an air diffuser, a zone of temperature control, and a VAV box.

The Electra-Flow linear (Series EFL) provides individual temperature control for cooling or heating. A wall thermostat that has separate cooling and heating set points with separate dolling and heating minimum and maximum damper positions. The temperature set point range is 55 to 85 degrees F.  A supply air temperature sensor located in the mater diffuser plenum is used as a changeover switch for heating and cooling. Change over for heating occurs at supply air temperatures of 85 degrees F or greater and cooling change over occurs at supply air temperatures of 65 degrees F or less.

Master and slave units are available for flexibility in zone control. This will provide constant uniform temperature within large office space or in smaller individual offices, regardless of the heat load conditions. The net result is uniform comfort and energy savings as none of the conditioned space is over or under cooled.

The EFL diffuser is self contained and powered by a 120/230 or 277 volt power source. The electronics are 24 volt AC and contained in the control box of the diffuser. The wall mounted electronic thermostat is powered from the EFL diffuser control circuitry and operates on 9 volts DC. This allows the thermostat to be connected with low voltage modular phone type wire and connectors that are factory supplies. The diffuser uses a thermal actuator to modulate the diffuser damper. The thermal actuator has a long proven history of reliability.