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  • Totally self contained control system

  • Self powered thermally actuated individual VAV room control

  • All controls accessible from face

  • Warm up feature (optional)

  • Variable discharge area

  • Reduces installation costs

  • Saves energy on existing & new systems

  • No controls contracts

The Vari-Flow™ linear diffuser are the latest in state-of-the-art VAV technology.

The Vari-Flow™ linear diffuser is a VAV ceiling diffuser designed for a grid ceiling system. It functions as an air diffuser, a zone of temperature control, and a VAV box.

The Vari-Flow™ linear (VFL series) provides individual temperature control for cooling at each diffuser adjustable from 70° to 78° degrees Fahrenheit. This will provide constant uniform temperature within a large office space or in smaller individual offices, regardless of heat load conditions. The net result is uniform comfort and energy savings as none of the conditioned space is over or under cooled.

 The VFL diffuser is totally self contained and self powered by a thermal element. The thermal element has a long proven history of reliability. It functions in the unit as the thermostat and "motor" to power the unit. The principle of operation of the element is a basic and simple one, that of thermal expansion when a substance changes state, in this case from a liquid to a solid. The element uses a mixture of wax and copper powder for the medium. It is blended to respond in the desired operating temperature range of 70° - 78° degrees Fahrenheit.

The energy provided by the thermal element is coupled to an efficient operating mechanism to operate the damper on the unit.

Installation is as quick and easy as a conventional ceiling diffuser because there are no electric or pneumatic connections.