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Excellence in air distribution is achieved with an accurate layout and diffuser selection to assure proper distribution, secondary air movement, and lack of drafts or "dumping".

The SAS "D" architectural square ceiling diffuser, like the standard SAS, is extremely flexible and economical to install. The diffuser is suitable for most types of force air systems in buildings utilizing T-Bar ceiling systems. This diffuser can be adapted to fit a variety of standard ceilings such as lay-in T-Bar, surface mount, and fineline as well as other specialty ceiling types.

This unit not only satisfies the architectural criteria, but also maintains the engineering requirements. The SAS "D", designed to accept a ceiling tile, allows the architect to match the existing ceiling tile pattern creating a harmonious appearance with the ceiling system.

The appearance panel consists of a back pan and four flanged side plates with mitered corners. This design simplifies the installation of the tile. In addition, the diffuser is equipped with a hinged panel and quick release latches, which reduce the time required for installing the tile. The ceiling tile may be installed before or after the diffuser is placed in the ceiling.



  • Positive Horizontal Discharge

  • Quiet Operation

  • Maximum Secondary Air Circulation


  • Clean, Simple, Unobtrusive

  • Aesthetically Pleasing



  • Multiple Discharge Patterns
    Fits modular ceiling systems (spline, plaster or fineline grids)

  • Simple to Relocate with Occupancy Changes

  • Suitable for Low Temperature Distribution systems


  • Easy to Install

  • Simple to Service